SSRG - IJAES - Volume 5 Issue 6 - Nov to Dec 2018

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1. A Critical Look at Efficacy of Mega Water Development Projects and its Impact on Crop Productivity in the Southwest Region of Bangladesh
- Robin, T.A, Ahammed S.S, Rabbani, K.A, Khaleque, M.A, Datta, D.K
2. Promoting Multi-Functional Fruit Trees in Vulnerable Urban Steep Slopes and Informal Settlements: A case of Biryogo Primary School Kigali, Rwanda
- Nalumu Julian Dorothy, Storch Harry, Mensah Henry
3. Effect of Magnetic Treatment of Water on Corrosion Rate
- Ayat Khairi Hashim, Seroor Atalah Khaleefa Ali, Dr.Mohammed Ibrahem Basheer
4. Genetic Diversity of Rosa Damascena Mill. in Latakia Province as Reveled by ISSR Analysis
- Tharwat Redwan, Mazen Nassour, Hafez Mahfoud
5. Climate Index for Estimating Nutmeg Plant Suitability under Tropical Rainforests in Maluku Province, Indonesia
- Ahmad Basir, Risma Neswati, Sumbangan Baja, Christianto Lopulisa
6. A Statistical Analysis of Rainfall Variability and Paddy Production Trend in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka
- Vasanthakumary Selvanayagam
7. Land Innovation and Its Threats to Sustainable Development in the Southern Part of the Me Region (Côte D’ivoire)
- AFFESSI Adon Simon, GNABRO Ouakoubo Gaston, GACHA Franck-Gautier
8. Influence of Iron Availability on Nutrient Utilization and Phytoplankton Growth in the Syrian Coast
- Hazem Krawi, Firuz Darwich, Hussam Eddin Laika, Samar Joulak
9. Genetic Diversity among Grapevine (Vitis Vinifera L.) Cultivars of Tartous Province (Syria) using Microsatellite Markers
- Rabab Dauob, Georges Makhoul, Hafez Mahfoud
10. Seasonal Incidence of Major Sucking Insect Pest in Bt Cotton and Its Correlation with Weather Factors in Jalna District (MS), India
- Harde S. N, Mitkari A. G, Sonune S. V and Shinde L. V
11. Plant Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Soybean (Glycine Max L.) Fields from Godavari Basin (M.S.) in Jalna District, India
- Laxmikant V. Shinde, Ganesh B. Phalke and Satish N. Harde