SSRG - IJAP - Volume 5 Issue 2 - May to August 2018

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1.   Development of Sodium Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolyte for Solid State Battery Application
- P. A. Fartode, S. S. Yawale and S. P. Yawale
2.   Study of Biomolecule Under UV Irradiation at CASSCF/ NEVPT2 Level Theory
- Satish Kumar, Ashok Jangid
3.   Relation between Different Time Intervals in Inertial Frame
- Imran Khan
4.   M. I. R. D. C
- Tanay Pande
5.   Synthesis of Gold Nano Particles via Thermal Decomposition of HAuCl4 on Glass Substrate
- Uttam R. Kande and Bhaskar S.Munde
6.   Quantitative Analysis of Seismic Refraction Data to Delineate the Weathering Structures in Parts of Delta State
- Uwadiegwu Promise, Nwankwo C.N, Eze S.U
7.   Unloading Mechanism: an Indication of Overpressure in Niger Delta („X‟-Field) using Cross Plots of Rock Properties
- Eze Stanley, Ideozu R.U, Ibitoye Taiwo Abel, Osisanya Olajuwon Wasiu, Ede Tiekuro
8.   Study of Electrostatic Ion-Cyclotron Waves Around the Plasmapause including Effect of H+, He+ and O+ Ions
- Vibhooti khaira and G.Ahirwar
9.   Study on Electrostatic Ion Cyclotron Waves in Multi-Ions around the Cusp Region
- Vibhooti khaira and G. Ahirwar
  Remaining articles are in progress....