SSRG International Journal of Medical Science (SSRG - IJMS)

SSRG - IJMS - Volume 5 Issue 6 - June 2018  

S.No Title/Author Name Paper ID
1.   A Review of Histologically Diagnosed Neurofibroma; an Institution Based Study Spanning a Decade
- Akhator Terence Azeke, Dele Eradebamwen Imasogie
2.   Antagonistic Activity of Marine Actinomycetes against Human Pathogens
- Rajalinga Malathi B, Gayathri C
3.   The Tale of Malignant Melanoma; a Tertiary Hospital Experience in South-South, Nigeria
- Akhator Terence Azeke, Dele Eradebamwen Imasogie
4.   A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Pain Control Strategies During Labour
- D. Regina Rabelloe
5.   A Case Report of Treacher Collins Syndrome; an Unusual Case
- Dr.Premita Devi Nandeibam, Dr.Abhinav Kumar, Dr.Parag Narayana Kisave, Dr.Shalini Yurembam, Dr.Bharati Lisam
6.   Outcomes of Paediatric Hydrocephalus: Comparative Study between Congenital and Post-Infective Hydrocephalus in Sokoto, Nigeria
- Ogunleye Olabisi Oluwagbemiga
  Remaining articles are in progress....