Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of global directory partner of the journal?

Global directory partner of the journal is Seventh Sense Research Group®  (SSRG).

Is it open access journal?

Yes, it is an open access journal. Anyone can access the published full length paper for free of cost.

Is it peer reviewed journal?

Yes, it is double blind peer reviewed journal.

What is the ISSN of the Journal?

Yes, each journal has ISSN. It is written in the top of the journal and also available in the home page of the journal website.

How much time you will take to resolve a query?

It will be resolved within two working days.

Questions about Journal Template/Camera Ready paper
Is it compulsory to submit paper as per the given journal template?

No, it is not compulsory. If it in the prescribed format, most welcome. You can submit it in any format/template, but paper should be in either .doc format or .docx file format.

What is camera ready paper?

Final paper which you have to submit to the publication after making a proper correction as per reviewer comments is called camera ready paper.

Is it compulsory to submit camera ready paper/ final paper as per given journal template?

Yes, it is compulsory.

My paper exceeds 10 pages. Is it ok?

SSRG policies allow the publication of a paper consisting of maximum of 10 pages. However, depending upon the merit of the research, appropriate relaxations are granted by the SSRG editorial panels.

How to correct an experimental data in my published paper?

Contact the editorial team of respective journal or Mention the changes and provide the revised manuscript. The revised manuscript shall be published in accordance to editor suggestion.

Questions about Paper Submission Procedure/Eligibility/Scope
Did I eligible to submit my research work to this journal? What is the scope/research area of the journal?

Yes, you are eligible to submit your research work. The scope/research area of the journal is available in the home page. Please visit journal website.

What is the procedure to submit my paper?

You can send your research paper to the given email address. Email addresses are available on the home page, paper submission and contact us on the journal website.

Can I send only abstract for review?

No, you have to send full length paper for review process.

Is it compulsory to come/join journal location for reading/presenting the paper in PPT?

No, there is no need to come here for reading/presenting the paper. Your paper is sufficient for all purposes. Send your paper for review process. Once your paper is accepted by the journals editorial board of committee, we will send you notification of your paper over the email along with further guidelines for the publication of your paper.

How much time will you take to review a paper?

It depends on reviewer response. In general, submitted paper may be reviewed within 02 to 03 days. It is advised you, do not submit the same article to multiple journals at the same time. Please be patient for review report.

How many reviews will evaluate/examine to my paper?

Your paper will evaluate/examine by two reviewers. One reviewer will be from India and another from the overseas. The average reviewed the comments and written different parameters value will define in the subject of rejection and acceptance of the paper.

How many times I can submit paper for publication?

You can submit paper any number of times, but the paper should not be same all the time.

How many authors may be cited in a paper?

Maximum number of authors may be cited in a paper if it is need. But conditions applied.

Can I submit same paper to the multiple journals?

No, It is advised you, do not submit the same article to multiple journals at the same time. You should wait for review report.

Haven't received any notification even after 10 days of submission!

Depending on your personal spam filter settings it is possible that the notification email may be directed to your spam folder rather than your inbox. If this is not the case, we request you to escalate the issue to or particular editor email id. You shall be informed on the status within 24 hours.

Questions about Terms & Conditions/Policy/Authors Guidelines
What are the terms and conditions to withdraw my paper?

Terms and conations are available in the Authors Guidelines page. Please journal website. All accepted papers will be property of “ Seventh Sense Research Group (SSRG)® ”. Paper cannot be withdrawn at any condition once it is accepted.

Are any instructions/ guidelines for authors?

Yes, it is available in the Authors Guidelines page. Please visit journal website.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the journal?

Please visit journal website. It is available in the Authors Guidelines page.

What are the copyrights points?

Please visit journal website. It is available in the Authors Guidelines page.

Is any payment guideline available?

Please visit journal website. Yes, it is available in the the Publication charges page. We will also provide you if your paper is accepted by the committee.

Questions about Refereed Journal/Indexing
Is this Journal fully refereed?

Yes, it is fully refereed and peer reviewed journal.

May I know indexing of your journal?

It is indexed by more than 30 international bodies. Some of them are SSRG, Open J Gate, Google Scholar, DOAJ, getCITED, dig, Higher Education Forum, CiteFactor, Index Copernicus, Search Sight, Scirus, UK Index, New Jour, Research Gate, and many more.

Questions about Publishing Papers/Certificates
What is SSRG?

Seventh Sense Research Group (SSRG) International Journals is a registered independent Organization, delivering supports and services to education professionals and researchers around world, especially those from the developing countries. Seventh Sense Research Group foundation journal serves in many individual domains like Computer Science engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Industrial engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry, Management, networks, medical science, geological science and Biotechnology. Seventh Sense Research Group is the path finder for research people to innovate or initiate their ideas and sharing the knowledge. Research people can choose your journal and submit the articles.

Where is the office of the journal?

Seventh Sense Research Group®, New no 105, Old no 45/1, General bazaar, Tennur, Trichy - 620017, Tamilnadu, India.

How much old this journal? When this journal started? What is the name of the year when it was started?

Please visit each journals archive’s site. Starting volume indicates the year of the journal started.

What is the name of the publisher or publication body?

It is published by the Seventh Sense Research Group (SSRG) Publication. SSRG is a registered International body that publishes scientific original cutting edge in the field of Engineering, Technology, Science, Management, and Humanities in the global network which is beneficial for scholars, students, engineers, researchers, and scientist.

What is the B impact factor of the journal?

Please go to the home page of the journal website. It is clearly given.