Design and Implementation of Intelligent Automatic LPG Gas Booking and Monitoring System using Load Cell

International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Volume 4 Issue 3
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : J.Sivapriya, B.Sindhuja, S.M.Ramesh and M.Vijayakumar
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J.Sivapriya, B.Sindhuja, S.M.Ramesh and M.Vijayakumar, "Design and Implementation of Intelligent Automatic LPG Gas Booking and Monitoring System using Load Cell," SSRG International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering, vol. 4,  no. 3, pp. 17-21, 2017. Crossref,


There are many methods are available for booking a LPG gas in the gas agency. Methods include online booking, telephonic booking etc. But sometimes we may forget to do the booking due to the various reasons. It will be difficult situation for the one who uses LPG gas for cooking regularly. So we have proposed a new system which automatically book a cylinder when the gas is about to empty by sending a SMS by using GSM. In addition to that smoke sensor is used to detect gas leakage in the home. If any gas leakage detected automatically it will send SMS to the fire station. GSM is one of the most cellular networks used in India. In our project we have used load cell to monitor the wait of the LPG gas regularly. The values are next feed to the microcontroller. If the gas level is cross below the threshold level, then a SMS will be sent to gas agency automatically to book the new cylinder. Then a reply SMS will be sending to the customer about the booking status. At the same time application software is developed in the gas agency to inform and record the booking.


safety, time, gas leakage detection, gas booking.


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